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A selection of gadgets and tech that could be used to enhance personal or home security.

October 12

Ledger Nano X

Sinking. That feeling when you imagine logging into your crypto exchange account to check your growing portfolio, only to find zeros staring back at you. Over the last four bull runs the cryptocurrency has attracted an increasing numbers of investors, enticed by the jaw-dropping profits that can be realised in the exploding asset class. Predictably, […]

June 23

datAshur PRO2 Encrypted Flash Drive

Frantically patting down your pockets and wondering where you left the USB with your work saved on isn’t an experience anyone wants. But it could be worse if the data on said flash drive is unsecured and open for a complete stranger to explore. Encrypted flash drives aim to change this by letting you encrypt […]

January 26

Zendure X6 Portable Charger

  In today’s device-driven world, running out of juice while on the go could range from being an inconvenience to downright risky, depending on your lifestyle. The thought of being caught out in a power cut or isolated out in the wilderness with a bag full of dead devices is enough to send a chill […]

April 28

Attenuo RFID Blocking Card

According to an Internet Crime Report recently released by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), both identity theft and card fraud were ranked among top ten reported crime types. Unfortunately, the harvesting of details from contactless cards and other personal items most of us carry around daily could help tech savvy criminals in achieving […]

October 30

Nest Cam IQ

Wireless home security cameras are nothing new these days, but the sleekly designed Nest Cam IQ offers some features that stand it apart from some of the other IP-based solutions. People often buy wireless cameras solutions to address one home or business security concern, without realising that they may be introducing another. Some cheaper sets of IP […]

June 20

ATARA Credit Card Holder

In our view, two card-carrying problems plague the modern urbanite: having a wallet compact enough that it doesn’t ruin the line of a suit, and secure enough that your card details don’t get harvested by a 21st century pickpocket as you negotiate your way through busy streets. Enter the ATARA RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder. […]

August 10

Tile Bluetooth Valuable Tracker

It seems to cut across most language boundaries: the increasingly urgent patter of feet, the muttered profanities, the clatter of possessions being frantically emptied out of bags and raked through. Yep, the sound of the poor, hurried individual who has lost a set of keys, a wallet or some other vital item is instantly recognisable […]

May 07

DOJO by BullGuard

Intrusion Detection Systems have been around in the cyber security domain for some time now, but none have come in the form of a stylish coffee table addition as offered in the Dojo by BullGuard. The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming alive with eco-systems of wirelessly connected devices as part of our pursuit of […]

Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive Feature Image September 22

Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive

With their inherent losability and potential for eye-wateringly embarrassing misplacements of important data, USB drives perhaps haven’t earned a place in history as the most pro-security items of tech. The Toshiba Encypted USB Flash Drive aims to change that by ensuring that maintaining data confidentiality is as convenient as the storage itself. Strong AES-256 encryption […]

Spot Trace Feature Image Homepage July 25

Spot Trace

  If you travel frequently with a collection of expensive gear in tow, or simply have valuable assets you want to keep track of, the Spot Trace Theft-Alert Tracking Device may form a useful companion. This small palm-sized device can be placed on any item you wish to keep track of and tracked via the Globalstar […]