November 22

Norton Secure VPN

Half of cybersecurity professionals would rather walk barefoot across a public restroom than use public Wi-Fi, according to a survey. When you consider some of the security risks of connecting your devices to public networks, this distate for them by industry pros isn’t entirely unsurprising. Some general public Wi-Fi threats include: But for some people […]

October 12

Ledger Nano X

Sinking. That feeling when you imagine logging into your crypto exchange account to check your growing portfolio, only to find zeros staring back at you. Over the last four bull runs the cryptocurrency has attracted an increasing numbers of investors, enticed by the jaw-dropping profits that can be realised in the exploding asset class. Predictably, […]

October 27

Samsung Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition

If you have an interest in secure or ruggedised smartphones you may want to check out Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition (TE). Recognising the unique requirements of the battlefield Samsung has taken its conventional S20 handset and upgraded it into a Swiss army knife of features designed to aid the modern soldier. The baseline device […]

August 16

Operator Handbook

You’re sitting tapping commands into a laptop with your team sitting around you in a hastily arranged horseshoe of office chairs. They watch intently as you reveal a misconfiguration in one of your company servers that leaves it wide open to attack. It took hours of painstaking effort to find and you feel a sense […]

June 23

datAshur PRO2 Encrypted Flash Drive

Frantically patting down your pockets and wondering where you left the USB with your work saved on isn’t an experience anyone wants. But it could be worse if the data on said flash drive is unsecured and open for a complete stranger to explore. Encrypted flash drives aim to change this by letting you encrypt […]

March 01

HP Elite Dragonfly

Cyber threats aren’t always easy to spot, but realising you’ve been an easy target could make an attack both infuriating and frightening. For many of us, a good way to avoid becoming easy pickings for an attacker is selecting a device with built-in, easy to use security features. As the laptop remains a trusty workhorse […]

November 16

FINNEY Secure Blockchain Smartphone

We’re always on the lookout for items of tech with strong security features that stand out from the crowd. In the smartphone arena the Sirin Labs FINNEY Secure Blockchain Smartphone ticks both boxes among hordes of generic rectangular clones. The FINNEY provides a general set of features that could be expected from any current flagship […]

October 11

LIFE 3.0

  Our reviews generally focus on products that will help enable or inform a secure lifestyle rather than more existential threats, but in the case of Life 3.0: Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence, we made an exception. The potential implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for our future are simply too big too […]

August 10

BestCrypt Volume Encryption

It’s Friday evening and you’ve just got home from a long week of work bracketed by endless commutes. You collapse on the couch and reach for your laptop, opting for a bit of Netflix while you decide what to do with the rest of your night. ‘Wait a minute’ you think, ‘where is my laptop?’ […]

January 26

Zendure X6 Portable Charger

  In today’s device-driven world, running out of juice while on the go could range from being an inconvenience to downright risky, depending on your lifestyle. The thought of being caught out in a power cut or isolated out in the wilderness with a bag full of dead devices is enough to send a chill […]