October 11

Life 3.0

  Our reviews generally focus on products that will help enable or inform a secure lifestyle rather than more existential threats, but in the case of Life 3.0: Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence, we made an exception. The potential implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for our future are simply too big too […]

August 10

BestCrypt Volume Encryption

It’s Friday evening and you’ve just got home from a long week of work bracketed by endless commutes. You collapse on the couch with a beer and reach for your laptop, opting for a bit of Netflix while you decide what to do with the rest of your night. ‘Wait a minute’ you think, ‘where […]

January 26

Zendure X6 Portable Charger

  In today’s device-driven world, running out of juice while on the go could range from being an inconvenience to downright risky, depending on your lifestyle. The thought of being caught out in a power cut or isolated out in the wilderness with a bag full of dead devices is enough to send a chill […]

November 05

BlackBerry KEY2

Smartphones have shot up the rankings of malware targets over the years – with a 2018 McAfee Mobile Threat Report estimating that total strains of mobile malware increased from around 7.5m in 2015 to a shade over 20m by Q3 2017. This isn’t surprising given that cyber criminals follow the money (or data) like any […]

July 25

Blue Team Field Manual

The maxim ‘use it or lose it’ applies as much to the array of operating system commands, scripting languages and toolset peculiarities as it does to the language classes many of us try to recall on vacation each year. If you forget your scan commands as quickly as your Spanish the Blue Team Field Manual […]

April 28

Attenuo RFID Blocking Card

According to an Internet Crime Report recently released by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), both identity theft and card fraud were ranked among top ten reported crime types. Unfortunately, the harvesting of details from contactless cards and other personal items most of us carry around daily could help tech savvy criminals in achieving […]

April 17

Social Engineer

It has been joked that only drug dealers and software developers refer to their customers ‘users’. Jesting aside, one of the points behind this quote is humans have often been an afterthought in the design of some systems (most of us can probably think of an infuriating user interface we’ve had to deal with). This […]

January 30

LaCie 6big Thunderbolt 3

It’s no secret that data is the lifeblood of 21st century business. Whether that business involves video editing, bookkeeping services or crypto trading, few things are more cringeworthy than watching someone lose their high value digital assets. There would likely be a few more bitcoin millionaires around today if only they still had the keys […]

December 12

ORWL Secure PC

Imagine this: you get home one day or arrive at the office one morning and your desktop computer is gone – stolen, along with a sizeable chunk of your personal data. The computer and all your other prized gadgets are covered by insurance, but the idea of all your data being taken is enough to […]

October 30

Nest Cam IQ

Wireless home security cameras are nothing new these days, but the sleekly designed Nest Cam IQ offers some features that stand it apart from some of the other IP-based solutions. People often buy wireless cameras solutions to address one home or business security concern, without realising that they may be introducing another. Some cheaper sets of IP […]