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If you travel frequently with a collection of expensive gear in tow, or simply have valuable assets you want to keep track of, the Spot Trace Theft-Alert Tracking Device may form a useful companion. This small palm-sized device can be placed on any item you wish to keep track of and tracked via the Globalstar satellite service. Updates of the device’s position can then be received via text or email notifications.

Once purchased, the Spot Trace is activated by selecting a service plan (starting at $9.99 per month) and an account on the company website where a variety of settings can be applied. Configuration options include use of movement alerts for when the device is stationary – helping reassure anxious minds that a valued item is in its rightful place – as well as the ability to set the frequency of positional updates (ranging from 2.5 to 60 minute intervals) when it is actually on the move. It will also send out warnings that its AAA batteries are running low.

The Spot Trace’s position can be viewed in Google maps and due to its GPS satellite uplink, should be able to offer coverage beyond the range of cellular networks geographically limited by cell tower proximity – making it particularly useful for anyone planning some fairly remote adventures. Nonetheless, you may be wondering if the Spot Trace will actually work in a particular area. Whilst the company reassures that the device should work virtually worldwide, they also offer the ability to check coverage for a region before use at

And what of positional accuracy? While this may be less of a concern when keeping tabs on larger assets such as a powerboat, clearly it will be of greater importance if tracking smaller items like a consignment of merchandise. The general horizontal accuracy for the civilian (SPS) variant of GPS is quoted as within 4 metres with a 95% confidence level, although this can be affected by a range of factors including environmental conditions.

The device itself is relatively petite (2.02″ x 2.69″) and comes with an assortment of accessories including a bracket and velcro strips for mounting it on a variety of prized items. One caveat to be aware of: although the Spot Trace is designed to operate when under materials such as fibre glass or fabric, mounting it under a metal obstruction may interfere with interfere with its Line of Sight (LoS) satellite connectivity.

Nonetheless, the Spot Trace delivers a compact, affordable and versatile tracking solution where use of cellular network based devices won’t cut it.



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