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A selection of informative books for those interested in increasing their technology security awareness.

August 16

Operator Handbook

You’re sitting tapping commands into a laptop with your team sitting around you in a hastily arranged horseshoe of office chairs. They watch intently as you reveal a misconfiguration in one of your company servers that leaves it wide open to attack. It took hours of painstaking effort to find and you feel a sense […]

October 11

LIFE 3.0

  Our reviews generally focus on products that will help enable or inform a secure lifestyle rather than more existential threats, but in the case of Life 3.0: Being human in the age of Artificial Intelligence, we made an exception. The potential implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for our future are simply too big too […]

July 25

Blue Team Field Manual

The maxim ‘use it or lose it’ applies as much to the array of operating system commands, scripting languages and toolset peculiarities as it does to the language classes many of us try to recall on vacation each year. If you forget your scan commands as quickly as your Spanish the Blue Team Field Manual […]

April 17

Social Engineer

It has been joked that only drug dealers and software developers refer to their customers ‘users’. Jesting aside, one of the points behind this quote is humans have often been an afterthought in the design of some systems (most of us can probably think of an infuriating user interface we’ve had to deal with). This […]

August 28


  We are perhaps fast approaching a point where the essentials of a rounded business acumen will include a not insignificant appreciation of cyber security – just like being able to make sense of a set of financial statements or regurgitate the key tenets of Sarbanes-Oxley. Some might say this time is long overdue. Such […]

August 22

Future Crimes

If you are looking for a new technology read that is far more likely to keep you awake than put you to sleep, Future Crimes by Marc Goodman may be fit the bill nicely. This former FBI Futurist takes the reader on a comprehensive, witty, but ultimately disturbing roller-coaster ride through a wide range of exponentially […]

Carry On Feature Image May 20

Carry On

  It has been said that sacred cows make the best burgers. In his latest book Bruce Schneier fires up the grill and demonstrates that this charming little adage can be applied as aptly to the realms of tech security as anywhere else. The collection of essays in Carry On: Sound Advice from Schneier on Security cast a […]

Schneier on Security Feature Image January 17

Schneier on Security

For the bookworm with an interest in tech security the collection of essays in Schneier on Security should make for a stimulating read. This comprehensive tome examines threats in a wide variety of areas (e.g. computers, airports, elections) and through a refreshing variety of lenses – including business, economics, psychology and statistics. The result is a pragmatic […]