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A selection of informative books for those interested in increasing their technology security awareness.

August 28


  We are perhaps fast approaching a point where the essentials of a rounded business acumen will include a not insignificant appreciation of cyber security – just like being able to make sense of a set of financial statements or regurgitate the key tenets of Sarbanes-Oxley. Some might say this time is long overdue. Such […]

August 22

Future Crimes

If you are looking for a new technology read that is far more likely to keep you awake than put you to sleep, Future Crimes by Marc Goodman may be fit the bill nicely. This former FBI Futurist takes the reader on a comprehensive, witty, but ultimately disturbing roller-coaster ride through a wide range of exponentially […]

Carry On Feature Image May 20

Carry On

  It has been said that sacred cows make the best burgers. In his latest book Bruce Schneier fires up the grill and demonstrates that this charming little adage can be applied as aptly to the realms of tech security as anywhere else. The collection of essays in Carry On: Sound Advice from Schneier on Security cast a […]

Schneier on Security Feature Image January 17

Schneier on Security

For the bookworm with an interest in tech security the collection of essays in Schneier on Security should make for a stimulating read. This comprehensive tome examines threats in a wide variety of areas (e.g. computers, airports, elections) and through a refreshing variety of lenses – including business, economics, psychology and statistics. The result is a pragmatic […]