July 13

LaCie Porsche Design Solid State Drive

The regular backing up of files is one of the most basic tenets of protecting data against loss or corruption, but is still a practice many of us seem to overlook until some kind of nosebleed-inducing failure occurs. For those who want to get into the habit of taking back-ups – or simply want to transfer data in style – the LaCie Porsche Design Solid State Drive may be of interest.

The drive is available with 120GB and 500GB storage capacities, which perhaps makes it ideal for the typical student or small business owner. A fetching slimline metallic drive exterior reflects Porsche’s signature design input, and makes it a particularly slick accompaniment to an Apple Macbook or iMac.

Internally, the drive’s solid state design (think of it like a giant USB stick) is noteworthy due to the absence of whirring, moving parts found in a traditional Hard Drive Disk (HDD). This makes it a more robust data repository for those whose desktop or laptop uses an HDD. In terms of connectivity, the drive comes with a USB 3.0 cable (USB 2.0 compatible) meaning rapid data transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s.

Accompanying LaCie software also allows for password protection of the drive to help safeguard against loss or theft, whilst automated back-ups can also be scheduled to run at regular intervals.

It may not quite substitute for a Porsche Cayman, but this LaCie solid state drive makes for a handsome desktop addition which just might help prevent a few headaches.


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