Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5/5s Feature Image January 21


Spigen Tough Armor iPhone Case

The idea of putting a smartphone as beautifully crafted as the iPhone 5s in a case seems almost perverse, but factors including lifestyle and general coordination (or lack thereof) may call for some added protection to help keep the device safe. The problem is adding that protection without making the handset look bulky enough to be thrown through a window.

The Spigen Tough Armor Case does an impressive job of striking this balance, preserving the streamlined shape of the iPhone 5s handset whilst providing respectable shock protection.

This lightweight polycarbonate case adds just 4mm of thickness to a handset, with rubberised corners that provide reassuring drop protection through the company’s air cushion technology. Cut outs around the exterior of the case provide access to the camera, switches and sockets, whilst the presence of large rubberised volume buttons will be of assistance to those with oversized digits. Meanwhile, on the interior a spider web pattern of grooves cut into it allow airflow and assist with heat dispersal.

The Tough Armor case doesn’t come with a screen protector as standard, but a lip protruding 1.5mm around the edge of the screen provides a degree of protection should the handset hit the floor face-first. Screen protectors can be purchased separately, although depending on just how much protection is desired, going without may allow for more enjoyable use of the iPhones 5s’ touchscreen retina display.