Schneier on Security Feature Image January 17


Schneier on Security

For the bookworm with an interest in tech security the collection of essays in Schneier on Security should make for a stimulating read.

This comprehensive tome examines threats in a wide variety of areas (e.g. computers, airports, elections) and through a refreshing variety of lenses – including business, economics, psychology and statistics. The result is a pragmatic and thought-provoking assessment of a broad range of security issues which considers both the seriousness of perceived threats, but also the potential costs of the safeguards designed to protect against them.

Bruce Schneier developed the Blowfish encryption algorithm used in a wide variety of software and apps, has written 12 books relating to security, is a fellow of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and has been likened to a security “rock star” by The Register. This man knows his stuff.