October 09

Spigen iPhone 7 Plus Liquid Armor Case

So, you’ve put down another wad of cash for an iPhone 7 Plus and are now happily playing Super Mario Run, or propelling yourself to selfie-dom with the upgraded telephoto lens.

But like may smartphone owners you’re still faced with a familiar conundrum: covering your svelte new handset in a protective case, or risk letting daily collisions with pocket change slowly make the device look like it has been dragged across a rocky stretch of desert behind a charging gazelle.

We’ve been a fan of Spigen’s ability to combine beauty with durability since their iPhone 5S range of cases came out and they’ve once again stepped up to the mark with a range of black cases that complement the new iPhone colours.

For those looking for a stylish, minimalist case for the iPhone 7 (Standard or Plus) that won’t sacrifice protection the Spigen Liquid Armor Case fits the bill perfectly.

The case comes in the form of a thin flexible layer of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) that adds a mere 3mm to the thickness of a handset. As a protective material TPU is known for both its high elasticity and strength against abrasions – making well suited to cocooning $700 handsets. Spigen have then etched the TPU with a discretely patterned triangular design that actually increases the material’s shock absorbent properties.


In practical terms this all adds up to a case shouldn’t scratch or smudge with fingerprints easily and the company claim will allow an iPhone 7 to survive a 48 inch drop. As Spigen state, testing to this standard aligns the case with military grade (MIL STD-810G) drop test requirements for ruggedised products.

The case doesn’t come with a screen protector built into it but has a thin lip that protrudes slightly around the front edges of the phone and should therefore protect against eye-watering screen cracks if the device lands face-down on a flat surface. Personally we prefer this approach to having a protective film covering the Gorilla Glass display Apple have spent years refining.

Spigen have also clearly put a lot of thought into preserving the feel of the iPhone’s buttons, which remain pleasingly responsive compared to some of the rubbery button covers found on lower quality cases.

If you’re looking for a smart, reasonably priced iPhone 7 case that doesn’t make you look like you’re carrying a transformer toy around in your pocket the Liquid Armor Case may be just the ticket.


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