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November 16

FINNEY Secure Blockchain Smartphone

We’re always on the lookout for items of tech with strong security features that stand out from the crowd. In the smartphone arena the Sirin Labs FINNEY Secure Blockchain Smartphone ticks both boxes among hordes of generic rectangular clones. The FINNEY provides a general set of features that could be expected from any current flagship […]

November 05

BlackBerry KEY2

Smartphones have shot up the rankings of malware targets over the years – with a 2018 McAfee Mobile Threat Report estimating that total strains of mobile malware increased from around 7.5m in 2015 to a shade over 20m by Q3 2017. This isn’t surprising given that cyber criminals follow the money (or data) like any […]

May 29

BlackBerry KEYone

Do you yearn for a secure smartphone with a tactile, physical keyboard but all the functionality of a premium phablet? If so, you might want to check out the BlackBerry KEYone. We’ve just got hold of one and in a nutshell: it’s awesome. The KEYone is the fourth BlackBerry branded Android smartphone and perhaps combines some […]

November 22

BlackBerry DTEK60

There are plenty of beautifully designed smartphones on the market, but if you want a handset that combines premium build quality with high-end security features then you want to read this article about the latest DTEK60 secure smartphone from BlackBerry. Formerly nicknamed the ‘Argon’ before its release, the DTEK60 packs a respectable set of specs: […]

Blackberry Passport Feature Image 2 May 31

BlackBerry Passport

Its dimensions may not suit all tastes, but for the output-oriented doer more concerned with keeping a device safe and productive than being hypnotised by the latest games, the BlackBerry Passport may be just the ticket. With a jaw-dropping 4.5″ display allowing perusal of full-sized webpages, coupled with a capacitative keyboard capable of both typing […]

Blackphone Feature Image Sticky June 23


Security isn’t a topic ignored by any sane smartphone manufacturer that wants to stay in business, but the features for reducing a handset’s hackability can end up either being decided for the user without any real control over settings, or all-or-nothing affairs where a given feature is either active or disabled. For the smartphone security […]

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone 5/5s Feature Image January 21

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone Case

The idea of putting a smartphone as beautifully crafted as the iPhone 5s in a case seems almost perverse, but factors including lifestyle and general coordination (or lack thereof) may call for some added protection to help keep the device safe. The problem is adding that protection without making the handset look bulky enough to be […]

Apple iPhone 5 Feature Image January 04

Apple iPhone 5s

Apple’s flagship iPhone 5s smartphone handset is now firmly bedded in, ably accompanied by its drastically refreshed iOS 7 mobile Operating System.   A cursory flick through discussion forums on the subject reveals a typically polarized response – with fans praising iOS 7’s clean, purposeful new look, and detractors suggesting the freshly designed apps look […]