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January 26

Zendure X6 Portable Charger

  In today’s device-driven world, running out of juice while on the go could range from being an inconvenience to downright risky, depending on your lifestyle. The thought of being caught out in a power cut or isolated out in the wilderness with a bag full of dead devices is enough to send a chill […]

June 20

ATARA Credit Card Holder

In our view, two card-carrying problems plague the modern urbanite: having a wallet compact enough that it doesn’t ruin the line of a suit, and secure enough that your card details don’t get harvested by a 21st century pickpocket as you negotiate your way through busy streets. Enter the ATARA RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder. […]

August 10

Tile Bluetooth Valuable Tracker

It seems to cut across most language boundaries: the increasingly urgent patter of feet, the muttered profanities, the clatter of possessions being frantically emptied out of bags and raked through. Yep, the sound of the poor, hurried individual who has lost a set of keys, a wallet or some other vital item is instantly recognisable […]

Safeplug feature image April 13


  Words like “privacy”, “anonymity” and “internet” are frequently found bundled together in the same sentence these days – and they’re often underscored by an emotive tone. With details as basic as an IP address able to reveal physical location with surprising accuracy, privacy has become a hot topic, concerning everyone from security gurus to complete […]

Silo Mesh Card Feature Image January 17

Silo Mesh Card

In cases where wallets or purses have insidiously grown to pocket bursting proportions, adopting the Silo Mesh Card may make for a refreshing change.┬áThis stylish titanium pocket accessory acts as an all-in-one streamlined wallet, smartphone stand, and bottle-opener that would do MacGyver proud. The Mesh Card isn’t just about cracking open beers and preserving the […]