Carry On


It has been said that sacred cows make the best burgers. In his latest book Bruce Schneier fires up the grill and demonstrates that this charming little adage can be applied as aptly to the realms of tech security as anywhere else.

The collection of essays in Carry On: Sound Advice from Schneier on Security cast a questioning light on a variety of security topics, often guiding the reader to consider traditional paradigms and approaches from new perspectives.

Among the wide assortment of topics covered are discussions on whether CCTV cameras actually deter or prevent crime, the apparent dangers of accepting signatures by fax, the potentially misguided policy of preventing employees from using social networking at work, and the problems with trying to apply conventional ROI models to security investment.

Whether or not you end up agreeing with Schneier at the end of each bite-sized topic isn’t really the point. As ever, his writing offers a potent distillation of critical thinking on the subject of security that will serve to stimulate both thought and discussion alike.