May 05


Philips Hue Wireless Lighting

Philips Hue Press Kit Feature ImageIf you’re the type who travels frequently and frets over an empty looking household appealing to thieves, then this luminous contribution to the “internet of things” may be of interest.

Bulbs in the Philips Hue Wireless Lighting set can be switched on and off manually or at preset times throughout the day using the downloadable Hue app, which is available for any iOS or Android device. With the ability to remotely operate these lights, as well as alter their color and brightness, unoccupied premises can be made to look considerably more active than they actually are.

To set up, each Hue bulb is simply screwed into place and then connected to a household Wi-Fi router via the supplied Hue bridge (each bulb actually gets its own IP address just like a computer).

Owners of the Revolv Smart Home Automation Solution can also use the bulbs in conjunction with their existing Revolv hub, although the Hue bridge is still required.


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