SUPCASE Beetle Defense Case feature image April 06


SUPCASE Beetle Defense Case

With more and more of us habitually carrying a tablet around during our daily lives, there’s always the risk of one falling out of a bag and bouncing across a sidewalk, or slipping out of our hands whilst perusing the internet. This point clearly wasn’t lost on the team at SUPCASE, who designed the Beetle Defense Series case available for the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2.

This futuristic looking protective case reduces the need for any Matrix “bullet time” style dives to save a falling device (unless of course you’re the theatrical type) through its dual layer protection. The outer layer layer of the case consists of a hard shell made from polycarbonate which is known for its durability and impact resistance. The interior contains a precisely cut TPU lining which snaps snuggly into place around an iPad and helps provide a springy resistance to bumps. The front of the case also incorporates a built-in screen protector without significantly impacting screen sensitivity.

For those planning on hitting the beach or other dusty environment with an iPad, the case also provides easily accessible port covers so you won’t later find yourself trying to scrape dirt out of any of the sockets.

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