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Lookout Mobile Security

Anti-virus ain’t just for computers that come with a keyboard attached. On smartphones instances of malware have been found to perform a variety of unpleasant functions, such as the transmission of personal details from the handset to third-party servers controlled by information thieves. If that’s not bad enough, strains of so-called ‘Text Trojans’ have been caught surreptitiously sending texts to premium rate numbers run by cyber crooks. Clearly many smartphones will benefit from having some protective software that can monitor for any malicious processes going on sneakily behind the scenes.

The Lookout mobile security app is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of security utilities available for iOS and Android smartphones. Functionality varies slightly across operating systems, but for Android devices incorporates a Malware Protection feature, which keeps an eye out for malware-containing apps using Lookout’s Mobile Threat Database – a cloud-based protection platform drawing on data from over 45 million subscribed devices. Meanwhile, the app’s Safe Browsing utility protects against harmful code embedded on ill-meaning websites, helping to avoid the stealthy drive-by download of malware. For those who have parted with a sizeable wad of cash for their handset the Find My Device feature provided is likely to please, which includes the ability to make a lost device scream to announce its presence, record its last known location before the battery drops dead, and photograph a thief chancing their luck at entering the passcode.

The iPhone variant of Lookout takes on more of an advisory role which complements the handset’s built-in security features. A System Advisor utility provides notifications of out of date iOS software and also warns if the device has been jailbroken; that is, had privilege limitations removed which allows for the running of unauthorized software, but also poses a security risk. Advice on the management of the iPhone’s location services is also provided and a Process Monitor feature examines running apps for malware-based processes.

Having been designed specifically for smartphones and tablets from the ground up, Lookout is also extremely easy to use across compatible platforms.